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The HCGB membership represents almost all of the private helicopter owners and pilots in the UK . As part of the social events held and organised by the HCGB, there are regular events to take part in with other club members.
The Club organises an annual calendar of events ranging from lunch fly-ins, cross channel weekend, visits to military establishments and breweries covering just about anything you can think of doing.
The Club actively encourages social flying and many members regularly participate in the organised events. There really is something for everyone and any request for an event not on the calendar is very welcome!


Another facet of the Club is competition flying. Since its inauguration, there has been an annual competition held by the HCGB at various venues across the UK. Those who take part are either private pilots, instructor and military pilots. The original concept of a British Championship has been updated with crowd facing helicopter races which are excellent to watch.
On the European and International stage, the HCGB is represented by the British Helicopter Team, Britain's best pilots and co-pilots  going up against the rest of the world. The British Team has been active for a number of years with successful World Helicopter Championship campaigns in the recent years being held in Germany, Russia and Poland.
Participation is actively encouraged and the Team is always on the look out for new crews, judges and helpers at its events. Annually there is a calendar of competition across Europe and as far afield as Russia.
The sport flying arm of the HCGB is managed by David Monks who is a long standing international competitor who has successfully managed past teams all the way to the silver medal position, hot on the heals of the world champions, Russia. He is always looking for people to join the team - and its not just flying crews who can join. There is a constant requirement for British judges to be on the field at event to make sure the rules and regulations of the governing body of airsports - The FAI - are upheld. There are many facets to taking the British Team to an event whether it be in Europe or Russia and its really good fun being on tour with other countries.
David is always happy to discuss the team and if you fancy joining in then drop him an email via the button below.
Email David Monks


Why not join the HCGB? If you have a pilots licence then it's well worth the annual membership fee of £57 to keep you abreast of current legislation, attend events and meet like minded people.
All you need to do is complete the form and send in your subscription. You will receive a welcome letter from the Secretary and you can join in any event in any country. 
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